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Questions after Newton police killed a man with mental illness

These are the questions asked by former NamiNW President Nancy Stanton about the shooting in Newton last night:

”This hits home for all of us.

I would like to ask about why when he was running to his apartment were the police trying to stop him rather than waiting for him to calm down. Could he have been running to his apartment for his own safety? What behavior led them to believe he could not be talked down?
Did the responding officers have enough crisis intervention training? Are there plans to offer more intensive training?
Are the officers getting mental health support?
Can we find out why he was off his meds? Did he have a supply in his apartment or was he unable to get them with the pandemic making it more difficult? The requirement around getting Clozaril with the order and the blood work getting to the right pharmacy at the same time can be difficult to get together, and may be too much for someone off his meds to push for.
Was he an Elliot House member? If so, is Riverside planning to hold a trauma session for the members who knew him?
Were his parents members of a NAMI support group? Although facilitators are not therapists, we could provide another ear to the parents and siblings. Since there is no name released of the man, we don’t know. Have the parents asked for NAMI help? “

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