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Board of Directors


Suzi Newman


Suzi was drawn to NAMI as a student in the Family to Family program; she is now one of our trained educators in this program, and co-teaches at least one course each year. She hopes to make teenage and college age students aware of NAMI since so many mental illnesses are best addressed and diagnosed early after onset.

Jacki Rohan

Jacki Rohan

Vice President

Jacki’s attention to our website and social media are functions of her professional career in nonprofit marketing, research, and development.  As a denominational leader and former religious educator, she is interested in exploring how we might utilize NAMI's FaithNet program.


Aaron Labonte


Aaron has been affiliated with NAMI for many years, first with NAMI Western Massachusetts where he participated in the Family to Family program along with two of his relatives.  He is very happy to be on the board for NAMI NW where he hopes to use his experience with grants and program development to help the affiliate supporting people with mental illness and their families."


Fran Newton

As a new member of the NAMI board, Fran hopes to use her networking skills to increase awareness of NAMI and its services, while breaking down barriers that prevent people from seeking mental health support for either themselves or loved ones.

Ken Farbstein


In addition to publicizing our NAMI NW support groups, Ken is exploring the roles of social workers in police departments and mental health courts, to see if there’s a strong case to be made for spreading their use widely. His professional focus as a consultant is to identify, assess and widely spread the use of non-medication ways to help people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychoses.


Ruth Kandel


Ruth has always found education to be empowering.  That is one of the reasons she coordinates our educational sessions as well as teaches NAMI's Family to Family Course.  Ruth is interested in exploring other ways to reach out to people including having periodic news updates for our members.


Steffi Aronson Karp


Steffi has been a member of the NAMI Newton-Wellesley Board for nearly a decade, serving as affiliate coordinator to the annual NAMIWalk and on the Donations Committee. She advocates for NAMI in her professional world, and in her position on the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Committee. In her non-spare time, Steffi is a quilter and plays lots of ukulele.

Nancy Stanton

Nancy Stanton

Director/Past President

Nancy discovered NAMI NW in the late 1980’s, finding a place where people understood what she was going through, being a divorced woman with two children, one with a serious mental illness. She has rotated through most of our leadership positions including Walk, Education, Membership, Secretary, Vice President, President, Family to Family teacher and Family Support Group facilitator. Grateful for emotional support in the earlier days, she continues to give back through our Signature programs that give people hope today.


Glenn Vanaman


We all deserve so much better.  

Glenn dedicates all he does to the memory of his brother Chris, cousins Gary and Claire and to the living memory of Sarah and Trish. 

“Love to the loveless shown, 

That they might lovely be”


Jean Acera

Retired Director/Past President

Deborah Bennett

Retired Director

Ed Dormady

Retired Director

Marguerite Farnsworth

Retired Director
Sidney Gelb

Sid Gelb

Retired Director/Past President

Margert Luggya

Retired Director

Peggy Moses

Retired Director

Eileen O'Toole

Retired Director/Founding President

Eric Quist

Retired Director

Sara Samaniego

Retired Director
Beatrice Shapero

Bunny Shapero

Retired Director

Janet Shapero

Retired Director
Alison Siersdale

Alison Siersdale

Retired Director

Retired Director

Retired Director

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