2018.01.24 NAMI Newton Wellesley Board Meeting

NAMI Newton Wellesley
Board Meeting – January 24, 2018
Issued for the record on February 1, 2018

In attendance: Nancy Stanton, Steffi Aaronson-Karp,  Sid Gelb, Suzi Newman, Jacki Rohan*, Alison Sheehan, and Glenn Vanaman. * attended earlier meeting

not present: Ed Dormady, Bunny Shapero

The meeting occurred between 5:40-6 PM and 7-8 p.m at Eliot House, Needham, MA
I. Agenda items with action items underlined
Agenda Item By Detail and Action (underlined)
Update on
Nancy NAMI Mass has agreed to schedule a training in the Spring for
Glenn, Nancy and a person Sid recommends at a total cost of
$600. (Post meeting note: Training will be either on March 10-11
or March 31-April 1. Suzi has agreed to cover March) All agreed
to fund the training. Nancy indicated she has found a facilitator
for the March meeting.
Change of
time for
FSG mtgs.
Nancy All agreed the FSG meetings at NWH would begin at 7 PM vs.
7.30 PM. (Post meeting note: Pam has agreed. How should we
thank her for her service ?)
Suzi Suzi issued a one-page report prepared on 12/31/2017. She is
trying to solve a uncashed check for Potter Place.
Sid & Suzi Sid and Suzi reported that we now have a table blanket for
outreach events.
5. Website Jacki Jacki will be posting the board meeting notes on our website in an area that the public can access.
Sid mentioned that something doesn’t work on our website and
will send picture to Jackie. Jackie will contact NAMI Mass about
a posting to their site about us.
Suzi will post the F2F meeting schedule on our website.
(Post meeting note: I happened to type in NAMI Newton
Wellesley in google and the top hit was www.namiw.org/ . The
information appeared to refer to a 2017 calendar. Then when I
click on it I get a “this is somewhat embarrassing” message.